What Is My IP Address and Location

My public IP address near , is (ec2-3-236-112-70.compute-1.amazonaws.com) via .

The current device is connected to the Internet via a unknown connection and has a unknown speed of unknown.

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What Is My IP Address?

An Internet Protocol Address is a unique identification number for machines connected to any network. You could view this as a mailing address, just for your online activity. Since they were first developed in the 1970s, IP addresses have evolved to define how devices communicate on networks and across the Internet. IP addresses are like GPS locations for devices on any network. Whether you are simply surfing the web, watching a video on YouTube, or booking your next holiday, IP addresses are certainly involved.

How Does An IP Address work?

IP addresses are typically assigned to devices by an Internet Service Provider (ISP). Since ISPs provide you with access to the internet, it’s their responsibility to assign an IP address to your device. For instance, if T-Mobile or Verizon is your ISP, they are responsible for assigning IP Addresses to your devices. When you attempt to connect to the Internet via their network, your online activity first goes to your ISP, and is immediately routed to your device via your IP address. Note that while IPv4 offers a limited number of addresses that can be assigned, this is not the case with IPv6.

How To Check My IP Address

Checking your IP address is easy. If you’re attempting to check from your smartphone or computer, you could either use this website, or one of the "What's my IP" websites. You can also just search for My IP in Google Search, and it will display your IP. However, remember that Google will always show your IPv6 if your network supports both IPv4 and IPv6. To check your IPv4, you will have to use an IP address lookup website.

How to Change My IP Address

Changing your IP address isn’t as difficult as many may think. Here are three easy ways to change yours: