How To Be Intimate And Experience Intimacy

Both men and women are complex types of people. When it comes to relationships and meeting people, both women and men often have different ways of communicating. When men and women are intimate, in their own way, both the man and the woman experience varying levels of feelings, emotions, and intimacy. We often describe the intimate feelings as feeling wanted and desired, special, and lust. Generally, a man feels like he has a close connection to a particular single, attached, or married woman after they meet. Until the man and woman have enjoyed physical pleasures together, the man generally knows that the woman can change her mind, at any time. And, enjoy pleasures with another single guy or married man. As a result, when a woman makes her decision to meet with a man, the man feels the emotional connection. Without intimacy, the man may regard the woman as a very close friend that he cares about. With intimacy, the man is willing to commit and invest more of his personal time into relationship with the close friend, whom he may regard as his female friend, partner, or wife.

Intimacy In Relationships

Whether dating singles, maintaining relationships, having a successful marriage, or meeting new friends, locally or across the world, the most important elements are attraction, and having access to the resources each person needs to maintain the strong connection to each other. Without the attraction and spark, the spice that allows couples to stay interested and to overlook each other's flaws, the couple slowly grows apart as the connection weakens. And, at least one of the partners will eventually start thinking about the need for a strong connection, and possibly become interested with someone new. For each couple, it may look different. But, it usually follows a similar pattern, where one person is working too much, not receiving enough quality time, or expectations within the relationship are not being met. The new person that may be getting fantasized about could show up in the form of a co-worker that is emotionally available to listen, and is easy to talk to. Or, it could be someone that is available to help with career advice or personal goals. It can also be someone that is more financially stable, has a great job, and is able to cover expenses for daily living and a preferred lifestyle.

For me, Andre, recognizing that my wife likes when I exercise with her improved our marriage. Quality Time and Acts of Service are her Love languages. I found that consistantly providing my partner with emotional, financial, and lifestyle needs helped to create safety in our relationship and marriage. And, the emotional, financial, and lifestyle safety frequently leads to intimacy with my partner. For example, my partner likes when I prioritize things that are important to her, while keeping my career related projects at bay. My wife appreciates when I also plan fun activities for our date night.

So, if your guy friend, female friend, husband, partner, or wife, often seems distant, or not interested, in your "exciting" day, your partner is probably feeling that you both are not connecting like you previously once were. To stick together, and to restore the spark in your relationship, friendship, or marriage, you will need to decide if you want to be the person to save it. If you decide to save your marriage, or relationship, think about the times your partner seemed distant, distracted, or upset at you for some weird reason. Figure out what was your part in how your partner was feeling. Then, try to change your own behavior or personality. You cannot directly change a person, and make them think how you think. And, trust us, you don't want another version of you, because opposites attract. But, you can genuinely try to change your own behavior, which will allow your partner to see you and view your relationship, from a more positive and appealing perspective.

Try to spice things up, in a good and positive way. For example, if a guy, or single white female, enjoys a particular flavor of food, and are often busy at work, you can surprisingly prepare food since you noticed that he, or she, may be getting hungry. This shows that you are thinking about your partner, even though you both are doing things independently. Think of it as helping your mate, or partner, get through the day. Or, take the family on a trip out of the home for a few hours, allowing your partner to get some alone time. Single Moms, and married mothers love when their partner or husband helps to remove some of the stressors, allowing time and space for being fully feminine. Busy moms always tend to appreciate some alone time, especially if her man, or husband, actively facilitates the time that can be used for improving your health. Whatever good deed you do, think of it as doing something for you, not for your partner. As you are both givers and receivers in the relationship, what you do is not a favor for your mate. Favors in relationships often get taken out of perspective, and one of the partners in the relationship may feel taken advantage of, or feel like the good deed was not genuine. Do everything with joy for your spouse, partner, lover, guy friend, or woman friend.

Intimacy With Single Women

Men, for single women, women, wives, divorced women, and single moms, intimacy is all about how a conversation, person, an action, event, or a place makes the woman feel. When she thinks about this guy, how does the thought make her feel? Can she honestly trust in what the man is saying? Can she rely on him doing what he said he will do? Should she make her plans, based on his promise.

Men, really think about this deeply. Have you kept all of your promises to the women in your life?

Men want an intimate relationship. But, simply put, if a woman is stressed from an action, event, place, person, or thing, the woman will not feel at peace. If there is no peace, there is little intimacy. If there is no intimacy, there is no close relationship. Her mind and thoughts will be going in two opposing directions, and creating two opposing emotions. One direction may be of happiness and love, and the other direction may be of stress and fear. As a woman's partner, her mate's task is to help the woman feel loved, and to feel the full presence and of her partner. A woman naturally, and instinctively, wants to feel and trust her partner. Every woman wants to feel the full presence, energy, and emotional connection to her partner. Creating a strong connection between partners, with effective communication, working towards common goals, like eating healthy, sharing passionate kisses, and praying together, leads to intimacy. Intimacy leads to the feeling of being emotionally connected, and in love. To get there, the couple, individually and jointly, create safety in their relationship, or union. Safety is the reference to creating a safe space. Try to create a safe space physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually so that the safe space has a place for love in your relationship. For many women, intimacy may be:

  1. Trusting her partner.
  2. Holding a great conversation.
  3. Connecting to her partner on an intellectual level.
  4. Feeling heard by an emotionally available partner.
  5. Spending time together.
  6. Receiving affection.
  7. Working towards common relationship goals.
  8. Completing chores around the home.
  9. Being financially stable, and paying bills.
  10. Taking care of the family.

Intimacy can include any number of things, which are specific and personal to each man or woman. And, it can be all of these things, at the same time during different times of the year. When a woman feels connected to her partner, on an emotional level, she feels heard and understood. She feels cared for and safe. And, the couple would agree to experience intimacy with each other.

Reaching and Achieving Intimacy

Achieving the level of intimacy that each man and woman anticipates or expects can vary between partners, couples, close friends, and best friends. Each man and woman determines their own level of intimacy, which is determined by the partner's experiences with his or her own family and friends. Over time, each person ages, and has more social life experiences with others, and their expectations of their partner, wife, or husband changes. What personal values did he, or she, learn from parents? What emotional need does the partner need to have met in order for the partner to feel safe and happy? Similar to men, women's experiences frequently influences decisions about who she we will make a genuine connection with, date, and marry. Once a woman and a man connects, a woman will often prefer to have a satisfying conversation to stimulate her mind. After many intimate conversations, the woman may start to feel comfortable communicating with the man. Once her comfort level increases, she she may share personal thoughts, and learns that she can be vulnerable with her partner without feeling judged. She feels safe, and realizes that she can trust her single man, whom now is on his way to becoming an attached man. The women then tells her female friends that he is a good guy because she can trust him, and he makes her feel happy, which is another word for feeling safe. Feeling safe is another way of referring to the healthy couples' intimate relationship.